24/7 Newborn Care Specialist Duty

SHORT-TERM 24 Hour Care (3-7 days)

24 HR Round the Clock
(Offerered for 1 night to 12 weeks)

This package is perfect for the new parent and for the parent that is beginning to implement a schedule and routine and desires hands-on teaching techniques. Desiree will come into your home to assist and teach what a typical day looks like with your baby. Great for the first few days and nights home, travel, one parent needing additional support while the other is away, etc.

LONG-TERM 24/7 Care

Need more than a week? We can create a custom package based on your needs. Please contact Desiree for information.

What Does a Newborn Care Specialist Do?

As a newborn care specialist, Desiree will come into your home, providing comfort and reassurance, as you begin to learn about your new baby. This service is wonderful because it allows the new parents to get much some much-needed rest, allowing the mother a quicker recovery. Desiree is there to help you learn about the daily care of your newborn, teaching you proper swaddling methods, assist if any bottle or breastfeeding issues arise, show different soothing techniques for a fussy baby, providing emotional support for the mother, and educating you on all other issues regarding your newborn’s care.

Accommodations for Desiree when she is working 24/7 should include a private bedroom, TV, Internet access and preferably a private bathroom. If these are not possible, at least a bed, chair, and a table for Desiree’s things, either in the baby’s room or another space provided. You will also be expected to provide the food for Desiree. If you reside outside of Arizona and you choose to fly Desiree to your home, she will require a car for her personal use while working with your family.

*a 4-hour daily break is taken by Desiree if she will be working 3 days or more of 24/7 with your family.

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