There are so many different questions that make you wake up in the middle of the night with a pit of worry deep inside after you’ve had your baby. Many of these questions fluctuate, but usually, they have a common theme of normalcy. Knowing that your baby is following the normal path of growth and behavior means that pretty much everything is going as it should, and that’s comforting. Knowing what to expect from baby weight gain can help you not only feel better, but give you an idea of when it’s appropriate to bring it up to your pediatrician.

Range of Sizes

All babies come in a range of sizes with some newborns being teeny tiny and others not so much. The good news is that baby growth can typically follow a predictable route no matter your little one’s birth size.

Birth to Six Months Average Growth

Between birth and six months, you should expect your baby to gain about five to seven ounces in a week and grow about a half an inch to an inch in a month. Your baby will probably double their birth weight around the five-month mark.

It’s completely normal for newborns, especially those breastfeed, to lose some ounces after birth. They should regain their birth weight in about 10 to 12 days, although many do this is a weeks time.

Six Months to A Year Average Growth

Between six months and a year, you should expect your little noodle to gain about three to five ounces a week, and grow about a ⅜ inch in a month. Your will baby will should be about triple their birth weight around their first birthday.

Talk to Your Pediatrician About Baby Weight Gain

One of the first things that you do at the pediatricians office is strip your Little down for the all-important weigh-in before being measured. Then, one of the first questions your pediatrician will ask you is about their eating habits. This procedure is often when they tell you the percentile your little noodle happens to be in with their growth.

This process all ties into making sure that your baby is getting enough nutrition and gaining weight as they should be. This moment is the perfect opportunity to talk about any issues you may be having or any worries you may have about their weight gain. A good pediatrician will tell you if there’s anything that needs adjusting or let you know that everything is going as it should be going. They can give you advice on how to handle any of those issues you’re having with feeding.

Your little one can be a handful, and sometimes, it can be helpful to have another pair of hands around to help out. Contact us today to learn about how our services can help you.