As we all know, ( but totally wish ) our babies don’t come with a manual. It’s all learning as you go. The good news is that before you pull your hair out trying to figure out what’s going on, your baby is giving you some subtle (and sometimes, not so subtle) clues about what they need. Let’s discuss potential signs that your little noodle is telling you that they’re ready for a lullaby and how to get them more in a sleepy mood, even when they’re trying to fight it.


There are a few different signs in newborns that you should look for to determine if baby is sleepy and tired out. They include:

  • Yawning (yep, just like adults)
  • Falling asleep
  • Being completely content one minute and then all of the sudden crying
  • A drop in alertness
  • A general slight look of tiredness
  • Jerky leg and arm movements
  • Pulling at their earlobes
  • Rubbing their eyes
  • Baby may seem like they are staring off into space or are cross-eyed
  • Frowns

Babies and Toddlers

You may notice some of these same sleepy signs in your child as they grow older, but there are some additional things you should be on the lookout for with your older child. They include:

  • Being more clingy than normal
  • Wanting more attention
  • Crying
  • Being clumsier than normal
  • Being generally fussy
  • Not wanting to eat
  • Being bored even with their favorite toys

You may wonder how you tell if it’s your mini-me being hangry versus being tired, and the easiest way to tell is to look at the time. The schedule and routine that I put my clients on offers structure and routine. If your baby is crying, it is most likely going to be because they are tired.

Eliminate Stimulation

Once you’ve noticed that your little one is showing signs of being sleepy, you’re going to want to eliminate stimulation to help them to fall asleep. Things you can do includes:

  • Putting away distractions, like toys
  • Putting them in their crib or bed where they sleep
  • Talking quietly and trying to soothe them
  • Rocking in a rocking chair
  • Turn off or dim the lights
  • Use some soft music to help drown out any background noise

Being able to spot these signs before your baby becomes overtired makes you a Mom-Hero. Putting a plan into action to get your lil’ noodle to sleep, even more so. Although, life happens! Don’t beat yourself up if you miss the mark. Being a parent is hard work, and you deserve a pat on the back.

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